Allow me to introduce myself

A little about me:

I'm a graduate student at Public U. and live in a college town in the South. I just passed my qualifying exam in August. So, I am now officially a Doctoral Candidate. This also, at my institution, signals the end of my coursework and the commencement of my dissertation research. Not that I wasn't doing said dissertation research before, but now I'm officially allowed to begin. I'm not sure what the University considered it before... perhaps just a hobby? Something to keep me out of trouble and off the streets?

Additionally, I just found out that I am one-half of a Two Body Problem (I mean, I knew I had a problem. I just didn't know it was common enough to have a name). My husband, Dr. Man, is in the first year of his residency at Residency College and lives in Dodge. We're hoping that he will be able to transfer to Public U. at the end of this year and can get the hell out of Dodge.

We are, also, the proud parents of a Dixie Dog. She's a hound mix that we adopted about two years ago when she was 1.5 years old. She keeps me sane. That is, she makes sure that I make it home from the lab at a reasonable hour, get some exercise, and out of bed in the morning.

I'm sure that most of this blog will revolve around the navigation of balancing research and home and seeing Dr. Man. You know, the usual.