I'm blatantly stealing the InaDWrimo idea (from a variety of people, but I remember it best from Science Woman, ergo that's who I'm citing). However, instead of trying to write a certain amount of words this month, I'm going to change that to reading a certain amount of words this month. I haven't read a single word of science (well, hardly a single word) since passing my qualifier at the end of August. This has resulted in a stack of journal articles that I should (need?) to read.

To figure out how many words to read:

According to Nature Cell Biology the average number of words in their articles are 9,006 words. This seems to be comparable to Cell (approx. 11,000 words) and The Journal of Cell Biology (approx. 9,500 words). So, I'll assume about 9,833 words per paper.

So, I need to read ~150,000 words.


*So, I found the actual person responsible for the madness: What is Wrong With you?