Coffee and Ethidium Bromide

I have the beginnings to a few posts, but nothing that is really finished. And by finished, I mean coherent. So, instead you get the first edition of “Coffee and Ethidium Bromide.”

First with the good stuff. I'd like to award a large, steaming mug of coffee to the editors at Field Specific Journal for publishing my paper. It's my first, first-author paper. I'm jumping-around excited. So, in that respect, I'd like to award a big jug of Ethidium Bromide for Labmate to drink for making fun of me. Still, I'll buy a round of coffee, and hot chocolate for those that prefer it, to my friends and Dad for being excited with me.

Another cup of coffee, or in his case: tea, to Advisor for complimenting me on the experiment I proposed to him and for encouraging me to talk about others. [I'm always nervous that he, or anyone else, will think that my ideas are stupid.] Though, I'd give him a dropper full of Ethidium Bromide for being somewhat abrupt with my undergrad this week. She told me that she had to do school stuff and work this weekend to make up for it. I ok'd it. However, today [when she came in] I had to call Advisor off before he gave her the “you-must-show-up-every-day” talk.

I'll award the administration at Public U Specialty Department an espresso for getting Dr. Man a contract for next year, finally! However, the old chair and residency director in Specialty Department can take-this-EtBr-and-shove-it for jerking Dr. Man around up to this point.

And last, but not least, I'll give SIL-1 a large mug of specialty hot chocolate for inviting me to go to a bridal convention in InLawTown. I can't go, but she didn't know that when she asked. I think I'm making headway in that situation.