Eye Sight

Since when have you worn glasses? My grandfather asked when we visited for Christmas. Thinking he was joking I said, Since I was six, as I gave him a hug and moved on to give my grandmother the same. Really? He asked my mom. My mom confirmed that this was indeed true. Do you wear contacts? He asked me. Well, yeah. I replied, somewhat mystified that someone who has known me all my life (and fairly well, too. Until I was in college I saw them at least once a month during the school year and I spent a week or two every summer there.) didn't know that I wore glasses.

I'm used to the idea that people I run into at school don't realize that I have poor eyesight. It was quite an adjustment to make, though. Seeing as how I hailed from a rather small-ish town and people would still remark about how I looked my better in contacts (despite the fact that I've worn them since I was 13). Or people in my peer group still remember who I “dated” in the third grade (by dated, I mean we sat far apart from each other during lunch and my friends would giggle whenever he remotely came within my vicinity).

But I think because of growing up in such an environment I pay much more attention to other people's quirks than most people do. I know that Advisor doesn't like the taste of plain water. Dr. Man hates the feel of jeans. Roommate always sits on the right of people. So, I have to remind myself that it doesn't mean that I'm unimportant if people don't remember that I wear glasses or that I don't drink soda or that we were supposed to meet to talk about the status of my Important Project Central to Thesis.