Fade away

And today the motivation fades. I'm not as busy as I was yesterday. In fact, today has been a lot of incubations and waiting that I couldn't avoid. (New-ish project starting up and the crapping out of a heating block for an O/N digest I set up last night). I promised myself that I would read during these blank periods and I did. I read blogs, the NYTimes, slate.com..... Just not science stuff. I think I might take a page out of Kate's book and go be productive at home. I'm not going to read science articles here, but I would like to clean my bathroom and kitchen, take the Dixie Dog for a walk, and other such productive things. I could do all that stuff at home, instead of staying in the lab waiting for my digests to finish and being utterly unproductive. Then, I can come back this evening and either freeze them or finish. (In all honesty, I'll probably freeze them. The ten-twelve hours that it would put me ahead just isn't worth it to me.) Then again, maybe I'm just justifying my lazy ways :-)