The other day I was talking to my friend, J, and we were discussing the infant epidemic that is surrounding us. It seems that sometime in the past year a group of people (each in our respective programs) went and had babies. We talked about the pros (awww cute baby to look at) and cons (possible career problems). We, also, have differing views with respect to having our own (as of yet) hypothetical children. I am somewhat scared of babies. I think I lack that instinct (or whatever) as to how to hold one, calm one, or otherwise deal with one (as an aside, I can change diapers. In fact, I'm really confident as to how to do that. So, whenever I'm with my friend K. I, actually, ask to change JJ's diaper. So, as a note to people who know me: please, please ask me to change your kid's diaper... just don't ask me to hold them!). She, however, has a different view (as evidenced by the below conversation):

After a lull in the conversation:
Every so often, I hear this really loud ticking noise, J said abruptly. Just like I do right now.

Not hearing anything, I ask, Really? Are you sure you hear something?. I'm getting concerned for her hearing (and sanity)

Yep, she said, And then I just realize, 'Shit! It's my biological clock again!'