So far, so good

Today is my first day back in the lab. It's shocking that I'm back so late, but between Dr. Man's schedule at the hospital and the obligatory once-a-year visit to the families it has been two weeks. I spent last night reviewing what I needed to get done today and considering improving the design of Important Project. This meant that when I got in today, I got straight to work.

See, usually, my morning goes something like this:
Roll into the lab mid-morning. Make coffee. Check plates. Sit down at desk. Drink coffee. Check email and blogs. One hour later start lab work for the day.

Today my morning went like this:
Roll into lab early-ish this morning. Drop bag on chair. Boot up computer to look at to-do list. Start lab work within 10 mins of arrival. Work for a few hours. Check email.

I'm hoping that I can stick to this schedule (and, ergo, my New Year's Goals). Especially because I need preliminary data on Important Project for Major European Conference by mid-March. This, being a fairly large carrot, is good motivation. However, this is a marathon, not a sprint. And I seem to have a problem pacing with regards to my work habits.

“I think I can, I think I can.”