The ties that bind

I'm trying to figure out how I feel/what to do about a situation. So, I'm using this space as a way to try to figure it out. What I'm trying to say is that I apologize in advance if this gets too ramble-y or whatnot. I'm just thinking aloud.

I came home to some interesting news yesterday. My sister-in-law (one of the many), SIL-1, just got engaged to man from Far Away Country. SIL-1 met Future Brother-in-Law (F-BIL) while studying abroad last year. I've yet to meet him, but I do hear that he's a lovely, intelligent man. So, I am very happy for her.

SIL-1 and I have a acquaintance type relationship. I was very excited that I inherited three sisters when Dr. Man and I got married. [I had only a brother, Squirt. (Squirt is a childhood nickname and it's stuck.)] However, I think that none of Dr. Man's sisters really shared in my excitement of gaining a new sibling. I'm not sure if it's because I'm naturally shy around people for the first several times we meet and they just never felt that I warmed up to them. Or if it's that being in a large family makes the dynamic between people different. Either way, we never really became close like I had hoped we would.

I would like to try to become so, though. Family is very important to me. And I've been somewhat lazy about trying to strengthen our relationship in the past. However, now, she's most likely moving to Far Away Country in about four months and it's now more urgent to try. I'm not sure where to begin, though. We have different interests and points of view. [Well, to be honest, what intimidates me is that she's a conservative Christian and I am not. She's working for one such group and I tend to not agree with their way of thinking. So, I'm always worried that I may say the wrong thing and offend her.]

Then again, maybe I shouldn't force it. That may put more strain on everyone concerned. We are different people. And sometimes these things just don't work out. She may just find me boring (which would explain why she does not try to contact me). And maybe I should just be glad that this is the biggest drama in my family.

Anyhow, I invited her over for dinner tonight to celebrate the engagement. We'll see how that goes.