I have dark circles under my eyes. My question is: Grad School or Age?

I spent one hour and thirty minutes of my very busy day dealing with a particular tissue culture company to try to get my yeast strain. (While we've been told by one yeast geneticist that the null causes the cells to go rho zero, another said that she had done it before without any such problem. So, I'm attacking all angles.) So, today the yeast strain I ordered about a month ago arrived. Another way to attack the problem, right? You'd think. I read the genotype and it doesn't match the genotype of the product number I ordered. So, I call the company. Do they believe me? Nope. It's pretty easy to determine.

Step 1: Read product number.
Step 2: Look up product number in catalog.
Step 3: Read listing of what genotype the strain is. This information is found immediately underneath the product number.
Step 4: Read genotype on product info sheet.
Step 5: Realize that the phrase “deltaGENE” does not look anything like “YPLXXW::KanMx4”

Pretty obvious, huh? Eventually, I resorted to faxing the product info sheet to the company. What was their response?

“Wow. This really doesn't match.”