Coffee and Ethidium Bromide, II

Again, I have a few posts on the back burner that I'd like to write, or finish, but I'm busy. Ergo, another edition of Coffee and Ethidium Bromide!

I'd like to extend a double mocha latte to Katie and MadHatter for the award of their E! (I'm still smiling.) A round of hot chocolate to my friends that came over for our impromptu gathering.

A large cup of tea to Advisor for (finally!) getting around to asking someone about the yeast deletion strain I need. But an entire bottle of EtBr to the Universe for making that strain impossible to make (for my purposes). It seems a deletion of that gene causes the yeast to go rho zero, which is a pretty major problem for me (now that's a clue as to what I study!). So, it seems that that I'll have to do some homologous recombination and lots of work to test my hypothesis. Plus, extra work to get stuff ready in time for the abstract deadline for Major European Conference. A pretty large bottle at that.

Warm apple cider to my committee members for making my meeting fairly painless. However, I did have a fairly bad time of it last night; so a microcentrifuge tube of EtBr to strange brain functions. And, last, but not least a large, steaming mug of coffee to Residency School for letting Dr. Man leave early today to come visit!