E is for Excellence

I was given an:

by Katie at Minor Revisions and Mad Hatter at A Mad Tea Party!This means that I get to pass along the E! award to five excellent bloggers that I enjoy.

I hereby award an E! to:

ScienceGirl at Curiosity Killed The Cat. I find that I relate to her an awful lot with the stresses of grad school. Plus, her Anecdote Mondays always make me laugh (and the rest of my lab).

PsycGirl at Stressful Times for PsycGirl. She, too, is in a LDM (Long Distance Marriage... ok, I just made up that term). And it's nice to not feel so alone and a freak for being in one (although, I wish neither of us were in this postion).

Julie at Disgruntled Julie, Ph.D.. Anyone who can get excited as me over a Pipet Stand deserves an E!.

My last two are going to two newcomers like me! The first goes to EarlyToBed who makes me laugh about her Friday Night Dinner Reports (and think about venturing into the kitchen). And last, but not least, is Brigando, who is shares my love for walking my pup.

There are so many others that I love to read, but I think, like EcoGeoFemme, that I should leave some for someone else to honor!