Those Ties, Indeed

“Wow. You went all out.” I told SIL-1 at dinner. She set the table with the “nice” dishes and glassware. There was a spinach and feta salad (my favorite), pasta with pesto sauce, and freshly made asparagus (my favorite vegetable).
“Yeah,” she said, “And there's pineapple upside-down cake.” She gestured to the bar where a lovely cake was sitting. “Sit down. What would you like to drink?”

A few weeks ago, I asked her if she wanted to meet up for dinner again. Last time we had dinner together we had a great conversation and were making progress towards becoming friends. I think that PsycGirl was right. Adding one more person to a family already filled with siblings isn't as great of a change as it is to me. So, I figured why not give it a whirl one more time?

We chatted for a while about school, work, the difficulties of LDRs (at least Dr. Man is in the same country as me!), and her “ministry” (a campus christian group). Finally, I asked about how the wedding expo went in InLawTown.

“Great!” she told me (rather enthusiastically). “We decided to have the reception at High-Brow Hotel and we're going to have Flowers, Inc. do our flowers. I think we're going to have Roses and these Daisies for flowers. And we want a square layer cake with real flowers. And my maid of honor is going to be SIL-2. I asked SIL-3 and Best Friend to be bridesmaids. And... you? If you'll say yes.”

“Sure,” I said, shocked. “Of course. I'd love to.”

“Great. I'm so relieved,” she said, “I was hoping you'd say yes! So, let me show you the dresses and bouquets I was thinking of having.”

I was so shocked that she asked me to be a bridesmaid. [I should add that Dr. Man and I didn't have any of our family members in the wedding. With his big family and other interpersonal relations, it would have been awkward to say the least.] I had heard from Dr. Man (who heard from his Dad) that she had planned on asking her sisters to be in the wedding. So, it never occurred to me that she'd ask me. It gives me this nice warm, fuzzy feeling that she thinks of me as her sister.

I think I've ended up with a sister (or a few) after all.