Thursday, February 28, 2008

Time management in a LDR

I've got a deadline in a little over two weeks. A big one. It's to submit an abstract to Major European Conference. I'm committed to going and to get the department to pay for it I have to submit an abstract. Advisor really wants this project completed before we attend this conference because (a) it's been stretching on for forever and (b) this experiment would answer (or at least begin to answer) a pretty big question in our field-- granted my field is not exactly earth-shaking, it's basic science research. This means I need to have a good chunk of Important Project done and Related Project For Abstract Purposes needs to be entirely done. I have until March 16th.

What I've been struggling with is how to see Dr. Man in the next two weeks. He was down last weekend and this is my weekend to go up. But do I go? I know that Advisor would allow (and by allow, I mean trust me to get everything done and still take the time off). Then, there's the weekend of 8th (which for me would be the 8th, 9th, and 10th because of Dr. Man's work schedule), but that's the week before the abstract is due. I'd go this weekend without hesitation if I thought I could still get everything done.

Hence, I'm dithering about this. And I have to decide by this evening.


Psycgirl said...

Time management in an LDR is simultaneously one of the easiest and the hardest parts! When Husband is away, I am nothing but productive - but when we are together, I rarely get anything done. But when you're travelling every weekend, its probably hard to get your work done ahead of time so you can take the weekend "off." I would go see him, but try to work while you're there. At least you'll have company, right?

EcoGeoFemme said...

Maybe I'm mixing you up with another blogger, but aren't you the one who gets all burnt out after about a week and half without a break (for good reason!)? So, if you look at the sum of your potential work until the deadline, you might get more done overall if you take this weekend to see Dr Man and recharge a little.