What I learned from my committee meeting today

1. They are not as scary as I orignally thought.
2. At least one of them has no idea as to what to say about my project.
3. All of them need to be reminded as to when/where is the committee meeting.
4. Do not write a six month progress report on two glasses of wine.
5. Keep up with the literature.
6. Make like a boy scout; be prepared.
7. Do not schedule long experiments around the meeting time. The experiments will run over.
8. Remember they have control over your graduation; control the instinctual sarcastic response.
9. Eat something before an afternoon meeting. This will avoid embarrassing stomach noises.

And the most important thing I learned:

10. Provide food. People, including committee members, will not talk with their mouth full. The trick is to keep it full more often than not.