A little more cheese and a little less whine

The blog has been very whiny for a while. So, I thought I'd try to write about a few things that are going well.

Umm... Ok. I've got the majority of the mutants I need to for my abstract deadline. The biochemistry on these should be relatively easy to do and only take a few days.

This brings me to the next good point: I should get to visit Dr. Man this upcoming weekend. Which means that:

I get to leave the lab for a 60 hours or so. (Most of the day Saturday, Sunday, and back on Monday). This means that:

I may stop being so burnt out and cranky. This allows for:

Nicer interactions with the world at large. Therefore:

My blog posts should become happier.

Or maybe not on those last few. I think it'd take a bit more than 60 hours to get me to stop being so cranky.