Randomness from Dodge

I'm visiting Dr. Man in Dodge right now. He was on call yesterday and part of today, so I was stuck “exploring” Dodge on my own. [I have to use the term exploring rather loosely, as I was rather sick yesterday and my “exploring” mostly consisted of trying to forage for necessities.] Here is a list of interesting experiences I had yesterday:

- The one in which the Dry Cleaners refused to accept that I was dropping off men's pants. She wouldn't believe me until I tried them on and she saw they were no where near fitting. (This was even after I explained that these were my husband's.)

- The one in which Walmart thought I was a drug-seeker. As previously stated, I am sick. I wanted Sudafed and not the fake stuff either (that stuff never seems to work for me). I went to the pharmacy counter at Walmart, asked for the “illicit substance,” and gave them my driver's license. I was then told that they would not sell it to me with an out-of-state license and that was “the oldest trick in the book” and that I had “better leave before being escorted out.” All I wanted was a 24 pack of Sudafed. Geez. It wasn't even the highest count pack they had.

- The one in which I was questioned on my grocery store purchases. I went to the grocery store to pick up: Milk, OJ, and frozen pizza (yes, I am that lame). I got there and realized that I wanted cookie mix as well. The cookie mix makes 36 cookies. The checkout clerk commented on this, laughed, and remarked that I may want to add an antacid to my purchases if that was my dinner.

Yep, that's Dodge.