Carnival of GRADual Progress

I'm hosting this month's Carnival of GRADual Progress. This is the first time I've ever hosted a blog carnival. So, it'll be a learning experience. Speaking of which, I think that would be a good theme for this month's carnival: Learning Experiences.* Tell me about various learning experiences (both good and bad) that have occurred during your time in Grad school.**

I'll be posting the carnival around May 15th (so I'll set an arbitrary deadline of May 14th 5pm). You can email me submissions to: grad[dot]carnival at gmail[dot]com. Also, while Advisor will readily tell you that I spend a lot of time on the internet, I don't read every grad student blog out there, so please let me know if there's a grad student blog out there that has an awesome post or that I should be reading!***

*As usual if you don't like the theme or if you just have non-conformist tendencies or you just have another post you're dying to get out there, off-topic posts are more than welcome.
**I think that post-docs and profs can play, too. But since this is about grad school, I think the posts should be related to such. (If someone knows better, please let me know.)
***Someone please help this poor run-on sentence!