Lots of updates

I rode my bike into work for the first time today. I learned two very important things:

1. I am not in as good shape as I think I am.
2. It's harder to ride in dirt than I remember.

Overall, it was a nice easy ride. It took less time for me to get in than it takes to drive or ride the bus. So, I rode about 2.5 miles in about 16 minutes (I timed myself on my watch). I'm at work right now and pleasantly tired. I'm hoping to recover enough to ride home. If not then, I'll take the bus home.

To answer questions that people asked:

- Dr. Man works craaazzy hours. So, he'll probably be driving in just so that he can go home and sleep.
-Parking on campus is insane. Parking permits run upwards of $100 and they don't guarantee you a spot. You just have the right to hunt for a spot. And my guess is that I'll get to the lab faster if I bike than if I drive.
-I am hoping that by putting on the daylight hours only restrictions I'll get up early and leave work early. Put me on regular hours and all that. And possibly cure me of the sleeping in thing.

In other news, Dr. Man and I have put an offer on another house. I'm hoping that this pans out... I'm not feeling too optimistic, but that's because I was so optimistic the last time. I just don't like uncertainty and having to wait. I guess I'm a bit of a control freak that way.

I'm taking a whole week off! I decided that I really need to see Dr. Man for a while and I'm making progress on the yeast stuff. I'm working today and tomorrow and then I'm off. I'm trying not to feel guilty about taking the time off (I should be making more progress, be done with project, etc.). However, it's not like I've made no progress. I've got a couple of constructs and am preparing one for the plasmid shuffling. So, I've got stuff done. What I need to get done by July is grow assays and those take about 3 days. So, I think I'm good. Sigh. All this stress over taking time off to go visit Dr. Man. Even Advisor is telling me to go.