Money Matters

I paid taxes today. I actually ended up having to pay taxes. I've spent the past several years supporting Dr. Man in his medical school endeavor. However, he started residency in July and started making money. So this means that not only have we broken the poverty line, but also we've started paying taxes. (I do want to make it clear here that I've filed taxes, but just haven't had to pay anything.)

I told Dr. Man that I was glad that we are finally paying taxes and he made a noise that sounded a cross between him choking, laughing, and making a frustrated grunt. I'm still glad that we're paying taxes. We can afford it and I feel strongly that tax money can be used for good things (along with juniorprof) like healthcare for the poor, improvements in public education, etc. So, I'm willing to contribute to my ideal. Hell, I'd even settle for body armor in Iraq.

Still, I think that perhaps taxes are a bit more complicated than absolutely necessary. I spent a large amount of time trying to figure out the cost basis for some mutual funds that Dr. Man's parents sold recently (and that he subsequently used on funding his and mine Roth IRAs). The crowning glory of tonight was trying to get Turbo Tax to realize that I (while the person preparing the taxes) did not actually live in Residency State and made no money in Residency State. But the wages from the W-2 that were from Residency State corresponded with Dr. Man. Eventually I gave up and tried to figure it out myself. Just figuring out the filing status took me a while. Then, the income that we both earned (i.e. dividends, mutual funds, etc.) versus the amount that Residency State would like to tax. I now understand why Friend With Poor Math Skills always asks me to do her taxes (ratios, percentages, addition, subtraction, etc.).

In other news, I got the pre-approval letter in the mail today for our Mortgage (and yes it deserves a capital letter). The bad news is that although I am the one that spent hours on the phone with the mortgage banker, guess who's name is listed as primary contact, etc. on the mortgage? That's right, Dr. Man. Granted he does (now) make more money than I do. However, it's my email address, my phone number, but his name. So, now when I call up the Mortgage Company I get referred to as Mrs. Dr. Man and I'm questioned as to whether or not I can make decisions on the loan. Or the best one I got was today when the nice man on the other end of the phone told me that he'd just discuss it with my husband. I promptly asked to speak to his supervisor and proceeded to tell Mortgage Company Supervisor exactly what I thought of Jerk On Phone. I now get referred to as Ms. Amanda and am dealt with directly.

I know that Devil-Amanda occasionally makes an appearance and she appeared today when I was speaking to one of my more spendthrift colleagues (who never understands why I don't want to go out to lunch/dinner/spend money on X). I told him that Dr. Man and I are buying a house (we've been saving for this for a long time and have been scrimping for years). He just stared at me with his mouth open and asked me “how?” I replied with “Remember all the time you made fun of me for not going out?” And I left him with his mouth open.

Ok, this is a long post. Maybe this is why I don't drink and post. However, after doing all the taxes (which were less organized than I would like) and dealing with the mortgage people, I think I deserve a glass or two of wine-- at least that's my justification.