Progress and Review

Today, in comparison with rest of my week, has been rather calm. Things ran relatively smooth, I'm still having some minor problems with one of my many projects. However, it's not looking like a huge problem (famous last words, right?). So, I was able to get things done and even make it to see the department's rotation students present.

The presentations were rather good for first year students. Only one went over time wise, most made me motion sick with the laser pointer, and some had actual data. It is somewhat nice to see how far I've come over the past few years (at least I understood everything and could reasonably critique their presentations/experiments).

Also, I (finally!) finished Girl's Night In. It's a collection of short stories by various chick lit writers. The proceeds of the book go to charity (War Child). If you like chick lit, then this book is excellent. There are a collection of fun stories that have the usual chick lit theme (Girl meets Boy. Boy turns out to be Famous/Boss/Some Public Figure. Girl gets into ridiculous situation. Girl gets out of situation through series of improbable events to find Boy on other side.) Others were more unusual and had a twist at the end (especially What Goes Around and Rudy). Overall it's a good collection of a variety of stories and the proceeds go to a good cause. Fun all around.

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