What hot, molten crazy will get you at times

I've been taking some time off from Science (does this make me a bad scientist?). As I've previously mentioned, I decided to take a week off commemorating the end of the semester and visit Dr. Man. In fact I was encouraged to do so. (I think this might have something to do with me spewing hot, molten crazy all over Advisor about two weeks ago. After I was done and my face had returned to a normal color, but before I could get embarrassed and realize how much I had just screwed up, Advisor said, “It's fine. Don't apologize. I understand. Classes are done on the 24th, I don't want to see back her until the 2nd. Take some time, enjoy yourself. Consider it a present.”)

I've spent the past several days doing absolutely nothing. I've played around on the internet, watched some Babylon 5 (yes I'm a dork), eaten the good food Dr. Man has made, and enjoyed going on long walks with the Dixie Dog and Dr. Man. I've even indulged in napping, which is one of my favorite past times. Yesterday I stretched out on one end of the couch with my legs on top of the Dixie Dog and my feet resting on Dr. Man's lap. I could feel all of us breathe in sync. In and out. Dog would snuffle every so often and then settle down. Eventually, Dr. Man got up and poured us some wine. We continued lounging and reconnecting throughout twilight and into the dark of night. We spoke of plans for the future, current events, and reminisced about the past.

This is what I needed.

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