I like my whine well aged

And now I whine...

Yes, Dr. Man and I recently bought a house. (I'm still pretty darned pleased about that.) Yes, I've painted most of the interior of said house (I'm tired of living with only white walls. It's not like I chose fuschia or anything.). So, now it's time for that final thing... moving.

I'm moving this weekend, out of my apartment with Roommate into Empty House. Dr. Man is down this weekend, but won't be moving in until the end of June when he finally gets to get the heck out of Dodge. I'm excited to be able to live in our newly-acquired house, but I'm oh-so-over packing.

I hate packing. And let me tell you why. Every single time I move, I vow that this time I'm going to do it right. There will be no frenzied pack-a-thon the night before I move. There will be no "oh, just pack it and I'll figure it out later." I vow to pack a little each night and go through my possessions and dispose (read: donate to charity or throw away) of those things that I no longer need/want. Do I do this, though? Nope. Absolutely not. This means that currently I'm in the midst of a frenzied pack-a-thon... well at least when I'm not in the lab.

Did I mention that I started all this with good intentions? Only to find out about three weeks ago that I had to redo everything in time for Major European Conference in July? Oh, and I got a new undergraduate to train in the midst of all this? So, those good intentions were never realized. Instead I've ended up working 10-11ish hour days trying to play catch up to get the World's Most Uncooperative Plasmid to ligate my oligonucleotides and getting the yeast ready to do the shuffle.

In a nut shell, I'm overworked, underpaid, and frigging tired. And very whiney!

Update: It appears that something might have actually worked! Yay!