No Eating Out in June Challenge

Jennie at Just a Girl participated in April's No Buying Things Challenge (which I'm sad that I missed out on). She noted that her only downfall was eating out. I commented that I had the same issue. Hence, our No Eating Out Challenge was born.

First we needed rules. Why do we need rules? you may ask. The challenge is fairly straightforward. Stop eating out. you may assert. Well, let me tell you why. We both said that our main social activities involve eating out. If we stopped eating out entirely for the entire month, then we'd become hermits, recluses even! (Wo)man can not live on science alone! So, we compromised:

We can only eat out once a week and it must be in a social setting. Husband and Dr. Man do not count as a social setting.

That's the only hard and fast rule of this challenge. Jennie has some rules of her own and I'm doing a variation on that (2 drinks or dessert, but not both).

We're also doing "confessionals." Where we tell the world (or at least our readers) when we stumble. I think this is going to be a fairly hard challenge for the two of us. Jennie is traveling for a week and Dr. Man moves back home. Both of these things are huge triggers for eating out. However, we're up to the challenge!

(Famous last words, right?)