Things are moving along with the house. Our mortgage company is working on giving us the Final Approval. All we're waiting on is the underwriter for the student loans and the appraisal report. Until then I have plenty of things to keep me busy.

-Brother-in-law 1 (BIL-1) graduates from law school this weekend. So, the in-laws are coming up.
-Then, my parents are coming up just to visit and for mother's day (not for me, for my mom... she wants to see me and I can't make it down to HomeTown).
-Marie and her boyfriend are coming up for three days on their way North for vacation.
-I'm hosting Girls NightTM next week after Marie and her boyfriend leave.

In the midst of this I need to pack, get homeowner's insurance, pick out paint colors (fun!), schedule the roofers to come out and start after closing, figure out the fence issue (find a fence/get someone to come out and put it up-- there's a lot of roots around the property line), and work in the lab.

The last point is the sticky one. I discovered yesterday that I was working with immature protein for my yeast stuff and need to change this to the mature one. Ergo, that means that I'm going to have to redo everything from the past few months and get it done before June-- so I can do growth studies in time for Major European Conference.

I'm pretty ticked at myself for making a stupid mistake. So, last night I had this whole melodramatic pseudo-breakdown on the phone with Dr. Man. As in the I'm not good enough to do science. If I can't remember to look for a localization sequence in a eukaryotic protein, I don't deserve a PhD. I'm not smart enough and I'll never have my own lab/do anything right/graduate. He did his best to calm me down and remind me that I work with prokaryotes (until the past two months), am not a total moron, and my favorite saying If you only had to do it once it would just be called 'search.'

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