Shuffle Meme, New and Improved!

Ok, so not only are my music tastes somewhat eclectic and out of touch, but they're also strange. So, now I've included hints!

1. What's a matter Mary Jane? "Mary Jane" by Alanis Morrisette
2. I can't stop myself from calling (Nora Jones)
3. You brace and hold it all inside /It's more than you can stand/No one ever tries to understand” (Offspring)
4. As they pulled you out from the oxygen tent/You asked for the latest party (Beck)
5. I've been watching you and all you do for quite some time (Save Ferris)
6. Steve, Gordon, Ali, Pam, Sue, I'm Angel, Tom, Collins (From a popular musical in the 1990s. About 20-somethings with AIDS and was recently--2005ish-- made into a motion picture.) Life Support (close enough) from the musical Rent
7. Let me tell you about a girl I know/she follows me around wherever I go/This little girl, she drives me insane (Goo-Goo Dolls from the same CD that “Name” was on)
8. Harry Truman was our president/A coke a burger cost you 30 cent The Night Hank Williams Came to Town by Johnny Cash
9. I could've been a sailor/ I could've been a cook/A real live lover, could have been a book (from the Garden State Sound track)
10. I live at the end of a 5 and half minute hallway (Poe)
11. I'm wide awake in the dark/trying to figure out where you are (Liz Phair)
12. I know I should be happy in your land/It's not all that wild to me/not that I want it to be any other way/I know that it's hell out there/ here at the borders of America Town
13. In a room full of people, hanging on one person's breath (Nickel Creek)
14. He scares easily, it makes him so angry at me Song name: Trigger Happy Jack
15. I love the east/I love the west/north, south they're both the best/but I only want to go there as a guest/--- the next line is the song title
16. You've got your ball Crash by Dave Matthews Band
17. If only we could fly (Limp Bizkit)My Generation by Limp Bizkit
18. I heard a word from on high (Incubus from “A crow left of the murder” album)
19. Some day mother will die and I'll get the money I Palindrome I by They Might Be Giants
20. Drink up baby doll Let Go by Frou Frou
21. Not saying, not charmed at all (Tori Amos)
22. My love, my love, my love, how could you do this to me? (Rachel Yamagata)
23. Don't go changing Don't go changing by Billy Joel
24. What's wrong baby?/Don't they treat you like they should?/Did you take them for/every penny that you could?
25. Baby you pretend that things ain't what they seem (Christina Aguilera)