Dropping a line

We moved Dr. Man home yesterday!! I'm so happy to have him home. That happiness is tempered a bit by feeling like I just got ran over by a truck. Between the two of us we moved most of the furniture and boxes (and let me tell you books are heavy). Also, I acquired some sort of head cold. All of which I'm nuking by alternating pseudoephedrine, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and diphenhydramine (the latter at night only). So, I'm at work trying to focus on experiments and I keep getting distracted by random things (oh it's dark outside. I think it's going to rain. Rain is good. Sleeping is nice, too. Right. Back to the E. coli. Must focus... oh what's going on in the other room?).

Anyhow, I'm alive and reunited with Dr. Man and behind on NaComLeavMo.