Wednesday, June 11, 2008

RBOC: Brain Dump Edition

So, well, yes. I'm exhausted. And I have no idea as to why (I went to bed early last night. I've had my coffee this morning.), but there you have it. I'm so tired, in fact, that I was at the bench doing something and Advisor came up to ask me how things were going. And it took me about five seconds to remember what I was doing. I've been doing things like that all day, much to my amusement. So, as much as I'd like to write a very profound blog post, I'm just going to do a brain dump-- bullet point style.

-Oh why oh why did Awesome Undergrad (AU-- a little chemistry pun... ok you can stop groaning now) have to graduate? Now I'm stuck with Untrained & Flighty Undergrad (who desperately needs a shorter pseudonym). I just need to keep reminding myself that they all come this way and that once-upon-a-time I, too, was Untrained (however, I don't think I was ever flighty). Patience is a virtue.

-I'm making progress on World's Most Uncooperative Plasmid. I'm pretty sure that I've gotten 3 out of the 7 constructs that I needed (still need to confirm this via sequencing). Really though I just need 1 more and then I can test my hypothesis-- that's all I really need for the poster for Major European Conference. I'm just hoping that I can keep on a roll long enough to just tease out one more.

-I biked to and from work yesterday. Of course it poured in the afternoon/evening when I was biking home. But it wasn't really unpleasant. The rain cooled things down a bit and made the drivers a bit more cautious. That was nice. There's this stretch that is a two lane road with no bike lane and drivers want to begrudge me my little two foot clearance from the curb. There is a sort-of spotty sidewalk, but it's poorly maintained and tends to have lots of broken concrete. Hence, I stick to the road. So, that was a grand total of 13 miles (20.1 kilometers) of biking yesterday-- Go me!

-The Dixie Dog loves the squirrels. They still haven't figured out that the yard is no longer safe. I caught her doing a three foot vertical jump in the air (on her hind legs) trying to get one yesterday. I've got to get a picture of that!

-I'm doing fairly well on NaComLeavMo. So far I haven't fallen behind. However, it's a much greater time-suck than I thought it'd be. There are so many good writers out there and I spend a lot of my time reading their posts. I'm fairly certain that Google Reader is about to explode with all the new blogs I keep adding.

-Labmate has set a tentative defense date. Advisor told me that I need to start focusing on getting data. He said it's getting close to the time when I need to start thinking about my dissertation. That completely threw me for a loop. I'm not expecting to get to that point for about another year. However, Advisor said the time to start thinking about my dissertation would be in another six or so months. He does have more experience than me with this, but then again... I can't possibly be close to the beginning of finishing everything by then!

-I'm getting together with the Girls for Girls' NightTM tomorrow night for Indian Food... yum! That'll be my Eating Out for this week. Some of the Girls are coming over to my house tonight for dessert/coffee. It's nice to have company.

-I'm going to have to go food shopping for this weekend. I wonder if I should attempt doing so on bike. After all, I do have the shopping bag panniers. Hmmm....

I'm going to leave the lab slightly early (shhh! don't tell anyone). And by slightly early I mean about 15 mins early today. I got in early and so I'm going to leave early. So, yay for that!


Jennie said...

yeah for biking!!
And yes, you should totally try biking to the store. I like to bring a backpack. Look at your list though and see if all your items should fit in your bag. When I'm buying big things like OJ I usually won't have enough room to carry it all.

hypoglycemiagirl said...

oh, I need to go back to biking to...

CAE said...

I almost always do my grocery shopping on my bike, with panniers. The store is pretty close to home and has bike racks outside. You can always hang extra bags of the handlebars if you have to, although I don't recommend this approach if you have a long way to go!

The funny part (if I go to Safeway rather than the nicer place I usually frequent) is that after watching me load my stuff into my panniers while wearing my helmet, the staff will always ask "do you need a hand getting to your car?" I've called them on this before and apparently it's store policy to ask the question to anyone who buys over a certain amount of stuff!

Aunt Becky said...

I'm in dire need of Indian food. Can I come?

Psych Post Doc said...

Yay for a girls night out and for leaving early and especially for biking to work!

Go you.

Brigindo said...

Yay for biking and Dixie Dog leaping for squirrels. We're about to get a trailer for b's bike and panniers for mine to do our large weekly shopping.

I'm totally with Advisor, it is better to think of dissertation now. It is closer than you think.

I think you already know my feelings of inadequacy on NCLM.

Nine said...

I have to agree about NLCM- it's he biggest time suck and I'm barely getting any work done in the mornings! I'm an attention whore though and love the comments!

Amanda said...

Jennie: I went shopping yesterday! And I bought a gallon of milk! I only bought a few things so, it worked out well.

Hypoglycemia Girl: Do it! Biking is fun! And tiring... I think that's why I'm exhausted.

CAE: Panniers are wonderful, wonderful things. Many moons ago I tried to carry my groceries on my back and that was horrible. But yesterday I couldn't tell much of a difference. And the store is about a mile or so from my house.

Aunt Becky: Sure thing. It's the best indian food in UniversityTown.

Psych Post Doc: Thanks :-)

Brigindo: Let me know how the trailer works. With gas prices going up and up, I'm all about the biking.

Nine: Me too! I love all the comments. It definitely makes it more of a conversation.

Heather J. said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've actually stopped in here a few times, but I can never think of what to write (you know, typical NCLM angst!). I love reading your posts even though I have NO IDEA what the HECK you're talking about most of the time (as you can tell from my blog, my brain is much more "literary" than "scientific"). ~LOL~

But I AM adding you to my google reader ... maybe I'll absorb some of your knowledge that way. :)