Take your crazy elsewhere

I've spent the past day dithering about this... my 100th post! Who'd have thought that I could babble about enough things to fill up 100 posts. Anyhow, I feel like I should be writing something very well composed and thought out, but I'm not going to do so. First, I'm doing about a million things in the lab. Second, I'm not that profound. Third, see my first point. So, instead I'm going to share an anecdote about my crazy neighbors.

A few days ago I invited The GirlsTM over for coffee/dessert/wine to celebrate me having a dining room table in my new house (I'm still excited). Of course, I get hung up in the lab, needed to still acquire said dessert, and rode my bike that day. This meant that I got home late. I decided to check my email to make sure everyone could find the place fine. No internet. This is tantamount to torture for me, as I use the internet for everything (including keeping in touch with Dr. Man). So, I call the internet company thinking that this will be a few minute call to get someone out to fix it.

Twenty minutes later I'm still on the phone and Mouse (my friend who works with mice-- in a lab) came over and she lets the Dixie Dog out. About 10 minutes later I hear her barking, get off the phone with the Internet Company, and go outside. As I'm going outside I see her leap over the fence to chase a cat (I didn't realize she could climb chain link!). I take off after her at a dead sprint (I may or may not have yelled a profanity at this point). Mouse goes outside to see what was going on, possibly because of my loud expletive. At the same time Shopper (my friend who likes to shop) drives up and slams on her brakes to avoid hitting the Dixie Dog (who by the way is loving this).

My neighbors are out in their yard start yelling at the dog. The daughter (?) is getting hysterical. Yelling something about how it's hurt! she bleeped it! Now, Dixie Dog may chase cats and squirrels, but she doesn't hurt them. In fact the one time she successfully caught a cat, she just sat their licking it. So, now I'm wondering if my sweet dog really did lick something to death (it turns out not, the daughter was just upset with the Dixie Dog chasing the cat). Eventually, the cat goes up a tree and the Dixie Dog sits at the base of it looking up hopefully. Thus distracted, I was able to grab her collar. She looks rather pleased with herself-- if not a bit confused-- as I'm hauling her away from the cat.

As I return to my house, I look over at my neighbors and start to offer an apology/assurance that we are in the process of getting a better fence. And the mother (?) looks at me and screams if I ever see your dog loose again, I'm going to call animal services. And if she in anyway hurts a cat, I'll come over there and kill her myself.

Lovely, right? I understand their fear and I even understand the animal services comment (I'd rather her get picked up than get hit by a car or worse!). But to kill her? What if the cat just hurts him/herself by running? I'm worried that some cat will get into a fight with another cat or car and lose-- and the Dixie Dog with get blamed.

But I've tried to smooth things over. Last night I wrote them a very nice note that offered the apology and assurance that I was originally going to give them at the time. So, here's to hoping that'll be received nicely and there will be no more run-ins