Week Dos

This past week was not as bad for the No Eating Out Challenge. I ate out with friends at the newly opened Indian Restaurant. Finally! Vegetable Samosas! Lamb Saag! Naan! I was in heaven. I didn't do so well later when Dr. Man came to visit. We went out to eat alone to a local restaurant. He had to drive down and I had to work all day and we were just beat. Plus, there was little food in the house. We did manage to eat in the rest of the weekend, though. So, I'm pretty proud of that.

This week I think will be a little harder because... drum roll, please... Dr. Man moves back to UniversityTown on Tuesday! Marie is coming up this weekend to help move him. Then, we're continuing on to Dodge, packing the truck, and leaving! I'm so excited that I can hardly believe it's really happening.

This also means a lot of traveling on the road and being tired at the end of the day. I'm planning on bringing sandwiches and stuff for the drive up, but I'm not so sure about what we'll do while we're in Dodge. Kitchen stuff should (and that is the operative word) be packed and it's awfully hard to make food without pots, pans, and utensils. So, it'll be an adventure.

And a life without adventure is just boring, right?