Leaving on a Jet Plane

I'm leaving for the Emerald Isle tomorrow for Major European Conference. After much deliberation, I decided to leave my computer at home. I figured that week one would consist of lots of science exposure and that week two would be a vacation without computers. So, blogging will be a bit sporadic. However, I'll probably check-in with the internet a lot (as that's how I'll primarily communicating with Dr. Man-- he couldn't get the time off and I had to make the plane reservations before he could even apply for the time... sigh).

I think I have everything packed and ready to go. I'm sure I've forgotten something, but I'm sure I'll be able to pick whatever it is up there. I mean, the Emerald Isle isn't some horrible wasteland, after all. In fact, I've heard the opposite so there may be pictures when I get back!