Take it easy baby

Yesterday Dr. Man, Lawyer Friend (who is visiting us-- our first house guest!), and I went to see a fireworks show in nearby StickTown. It was a great fireworks display. It went on for about 40 minutes with a tremendous about of bangs, oohs, and aahs. It was a slice of Americana.

We drove to StickTown after a very patriotic dinner of Pan-Asian cuisine (yum!). There were booths where people sold various goods (T-shirts! Herbs! Art!) and food (Funnel Cake! Hot Dogs!). People stretched out on the big field with towels, blankets, and camp chairs. In front of us a small child clapped her hands over her ears whenever the fireworks went off while her sister (?) danced around waving a glow-stick necklace. To the left was a group of teenagers trying to remain nonchalant about the fireworks display. It could have been a Norman Rockwell-ish type painting.

Then, the music accompanying the fireworks came on. Most of it was the usual God/America- yay! type country music fare. Then, Have You Forgotten? was followed by American Girl. And all I could do was giggle.