Education Fail

My cousin is at university now. My university. It's definitely a little strange that someone I remember being born is now old enough to go to college. As someone who has been at Public U. for approximate 65 million years (it was just me and the dinosaurs-- no bureaucrats and it was bliss), I decided to show her around. I took her to the various buildings her classes would be in and answered her questions about what to bring to class, where to buy textbooks, and where to buy beer (Answers: pen and paper and no books, or Independent Cheap Bookstore, and no where, you're underage young lady). Then, we passed by a group of Young Political Party registering people to vote. I am a procrastinator and I have yet to change my voter's registration address. So, I seized the opportunity to change my address. Cousin decided to change her address as well. As we were leaving she asked me who I liked for the election. I told her Obama. She said that she did, too, but that she was an idiot and registered Republican and that meant she had to vote for McCain.