A Scene From the Home Front

I believe I have confessed before at Unbalanced Reaction's place that I have a predilection for bad TV. After my trip abroad (I smile every time I use that phrase as it sounds so worldly and sophisticated and pretentious), I found out that one of my favorites-- Project Runway-- had started a new season! For those of you not familiar with the wonder that is Project Runway, it's one of those pseudo-reality shows. Each episode involves some fashion-design challenge (like make a dress using old gum wrappers! And cellophane!), the contestants are judged, and one person gets kicked off. With a "plot" like that, I, of course, must watch.

I was watching the start of the latest episode, when Dr. Man comes in from making dinner.

"Your watching that? I'm pretty sure I just heard your IQ drop."

My clever reply was something along the lines of Shhh! And Dr. Man plopped down on the couch. We both watch as the designers-- with Tim Gunn-- stand on an indoor track and wait for some mysterious figure on rollerblades(!) to reach them. Finally the mysterious guy reaches them and Dr. Man gasps, "Apolo Ohno!" Confused, I look at him for more information-- how does he know someone on Project Runway? Luckily, Dr. Man explained further, "Apolo Ohno is awesome. He is like unto a Ninja."

(Later Tim Gunn explained that Ohno won the gold in speed skating. Ah yes, speed skating = Ninja. Of course!)