For some reason my mind is very fragmented today. I have the attention span of a gnat right now. I'm currently trying to focus on my journal club presentation (I picked a fun article for me, too. So, I'm actually sort-of excited about the whole presentation thing, but I just can't concentrate today. Eh.), but it isn't really working out for me. I figured this out when I read the same sentence three times. So, here are my top ten reasons for having the attention span of a two-year old today:

10. The switching to an early-morning schedule is taking its toll. Perhaps this is my brain's way of going on strike. It has decided that since I insist on waking it up too early that it'll just stop working.
9. The afternoon-lunch-slump. I have this theory that my behavior is really just a function of warring needs. The main two being: food and sleep. Once one is taken care of, the other rears its ugly head and demands to be satisfied. And I'm just distracted by the sleep-need. Or something like that.
8. Lack of caffeine. This isn't to say that I've ingested less caffeine today, but perhaps I need to titrate up my caffeine-blood levels.
7. The weather is rather cloudy today and wasn't there a study about attention and weather? I have plenty of anecdotal evidence to support the cloudy whether leads to increased sleepiness and lack of focus.
6. Perhaps I was hypnotized so that whenever I read the phrase, "The evidence suggests...", I immediately have the urge to go look at lolcats and the like.
5. I, suppose, that instead of my brain being on strike, it could just be worn out. Maybe I worked it too hard yesterday and it needs a rest. Perhaps a beer even-- you know, as a reward for its hard work.
4. Due to an unbloggable event, I get tomorrow off unexpectedly. So, I already feel like it's the weekend and just want to go home. Nah, couldn't be.
3. I've heard that being dehydrated causes distraction. So, perhaps I'm dehydrated and I need more water or beer.
2. Chocolate-deficient. I've yet to have my daily dose of chocolate and, perhaps, that's the key to my academic success (or at least to my spreading waistline).

And last, but not least:
1. It could be that reading blogs is just slightly more interesting than reading papers. Perhaps.

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