What I did over summer...er... semester

I didn't get much a vacation this summer. I spent the first three quarters of it frantically working to have something to present at Major European Conference. Only to find out that I have to work twice as hard on Damned Yeast Project to get it out the door sooner rather than later (so that break after working nonstop was going to have to wait). So, instead of posting about working X hour days (where X>9), I'm going to focus on the second best part of the summer (the best part being when Dr. Man moved back home-- I know, sickeningly sweet). Without further ado, the (second) best part of my summer was: the week I took off to spend in the Emerald Isle and Nearby Country.

As part of the Major European conference, I stayed here:

Well, perhaps not quite here, but on the same campus.

I also made it out to the country side.


I was amazed by the amount of sheep. And the amount of scat they produced. The area where I took this picture was littered with it. I had to carefully watch my step. My Brother was not so lucky, though, and found that he had not tread carefully enough.

Building a henge are we?

I was rather disappointed with this place. I thought that it'd be in the middle of nowhere and perhaps I'd have to answer about the airspeed of a swallow in order to see it. However, it was sandwiched between two major highways and there were a. lot. of. people. So, not quite the mystical experience I thought it'd be.

I think the rest of the summer can be summarized into these two sentences:
(1) Do not assume that Advisor knows more about this stuff than I do.
(2) Think every experiment through. In other words: Don't Panic.