In my quest to get not just data but actual results, I'm spending some quality time with my enzyme today. (I usually only work Sundays as part of my new-resolution to make my work week bearable. But that's another blog post.) Anyhow, I crept out of bed this morning while Dr. Man slumbered away and went to the lab. I've been here ever since. I received a phone call around 11:30 asking about lunch. I told him that I was stuck here until at least 1pm (sigh, a watched column never produces any flow through). We talked for a little bit longer and he asked me about lunch. I told him not to wait and we hung up. About an hour later, I receive a text message. I see that it's from him and I smile thinking that it'll be some nice, sweet message expressing his undying love and affection or expressing sympathy that I'm working. But, no, I get "Can u buy beer?"

At least my working today wasn't for naught. I can bring home the bacon... er... beer.