Why I hate Meeting/Seminar Filled Days

Warning Rant Ahead:

There's this one day of my week that is totally shot. I've tried and tried to be able to do something in the lab on this day of the week, but it's impossible. Or at least impossible without not showing up to some required thing. We have journal club over lunch, then I have office hours, and then there's seminar. It used to be that the latter wasn't required. So, I'd attend the (required) journal club and then hold office hours (which, while a pain, are useful in the monetary department). Then, I'd skip the seminar so I could salvage something out of this day. But now it is required. So, for five hours I'm stuck outside of the lab.

This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to pay for it the rest of the day and the day before and after. I get in early, leave late, do work at home and I still have more things to do than time in the following day.

Good I'm glad that I got that out.

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