The past weekend was fun, but exhausting. The entire weekend was packed with activities. On top of the previously mentioned parties, there was a rehearsal, a rehearsal dinner, pictures, and the actual wedding/reception to attend. In the end, I though the ceremony and reception were lovely (although, not everything went off the way SIL-1's wanted). And I have a new brother-in-law (at least I think that's the correct relationship term), BIL-1 (to match SIL-1 and he is now the oldest BIL I have).

On a related note, I had the first I-think-I'd-like-a-kid-and-not-just-a-cute-baby twinge. I ended up watching the ring bearer, who's seven years old. Really everyone watched him. I just realized that it was late and he was too shy to partake of the food that was set out for the wedding party. So, I made sure that he got some food. The twinge came when I went to pour him some soda (I knew that he must be thirsty, he was stuck in a tux and it was approximately a thousand degrees in InLawTown) and he looked at me with big eyes and said, "I'm not allowed to have any soda. My mom would be really mad." Twinge.

Luckily, I was able to suppress that with an excellent glass (or so) of sauvignon blanc.