Random Things

Disgruntled Julie tagged me a while ago with the "6 random things about me" meme. I'm in the midst of a 3.5 hour centrifugation, so I figured I might as well do follow up on her tag. So, here are the rules:
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3. Write 6 random things about yourself.
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1. I'm scared of birds. Not in a run-for-your-life sort of way, but in a please-don't-feed-the-pigeons-around-me sort of way. It's their beady eyes and sharp little beaks that freak me out. I'm convinced, that given half a chance, they'd peck my eyes out. A few years ago I went an aviary with friends of mine and I wore my glasses, just in case.

2. Speaking of glasses I have horrible eyesight in one eye. Seriously. It's worse than anyone else I know (hence why the glasses are good protection). However, my other eye isn't too bad. Every time I go to the eye doctor, s/he asks me if I had serious trauma to that eye. After I explain that the under-eye circles come from grad school (not a beating), they either (a) say "What are you doing to yourself?" or (b) "Well, something must have happened to make your vision that bad in only one eye."

3. I like reading really bad romance novels. I don't know what it is, but I like nothing more than unwinding with a hot bath, romance novel, and glass of wine at the end of the day. It seems that the romance novel is an intregal part of the equation. I've tried it without the book, with a more literary novel, and with a non-fiction book. None of them measured up to the romance novel. To keep the casual visitor to my home from discovering my bad taste, the romance novels all live on my bookshelf in the bedroom (yes, Dr. Man has his own).

4. I bite my nails. There I said it. I try not to do it, but somehow I always end up with my nails chewed off. Before SIL-1's wedding I grew my nails out to the end of my fingertips. That's the longest they've been in over 3 years. It's a horrible and disgusting habit and I'll break it, someday.

5. I don't enjoy being scared. I know that makes me somewhat of a party pooper, but I just don't like it. Therefore, I do not like haunted houses or any of that torture porn that passes for scary movies. Yes, I'm a scaredy-cat. That still won't change my mind. Yes, I know that it's make believe. I just don't like the feeling. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't go and enjoy it. I'll be at home with my romance novel.

6. I didn't wear any make up until college. To this day I only wear it on special occasions. This is one parts laziness and two parts fear of looking like a fool. See, I passed that stage where you can experiment with make up/look like a fool and no one cares. I think that most people expect better of me now. They'd be wrong. So, after I put it on I deliberate for a long time over whether or not I look like either (a) a clown or (b) a prostitute. I have plenty of other things to feel insecure about, so I don't deal with that on a daily basis.

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