Little Rant

I'm so fucking burnt out.

I wrote that on Friday. After that I just couldn't go on. I had nothing to say that wasn't some variation on I work all the time and other people around me don't do that and I still don't have enough data and I'll never graduate and I want to quit. Shortly after that I had somebody tell me that if I can't deal with the time commitment, the soul-crushing loneliness, and the feelings of failure, I should just quit.

I'm still pretty pissed about that. Maybe I'm not cut out for this, but (there's always the but) I can't think of anyone who hasn't felt that way at one point in time. Grad school is hard and it does suck at times. And it is lonely at times. So, my suggestion to those of you who can't, at the very least, offer a half-mumbled encouraging word is to just make a non-commital grunt and walk away.

Because you've just lost a friend.