Morality Tale

I had the opportunity to go to Public U.'s football game this past weekend. I like football, Dr. Man likes football. It was a win all around. We bundled up and headed to the game. The seats we had were so-so, while they were not up in the nosebleed section, they were not optimal for viewing the field. But they were in the stadium and that was what was important.

We arrived early to see the team take the field and watch the pre-game stuff. We took our seats and stood for the appropriate cheering (and booing) as was necessary. However, we refrained from standing on the seats, because that is (1) dangerous and (2) obstructs the view of the people standing behind us. Part way through the first quarter, a few (possibly partially intoxicated) young students came to sit in front of us. That was fine. Until they stood up on their seats. I politely asked them to step down so I could see (I'm short-ish and would prefer to be able to see the field, not their butts). They not-so-politely refused and told me (and I quote), "Get an officer, if you don't like it." Hence, I did.

The moral of the story: Do not mess with a grad student who has not seen the outside of a lab in four years.
Corollary: Do not make idle threats.
Secondary Corollary: Do not invite law enforcement officials to your seat, if you have been drinking illegally.