I'm still here and alive and worked for 33 hours last Thurs/Fri. The top two things on my agenda right now are (1) Salvage Protein Experiment and (2) Make Progress on Yeast Experiment. I've been working on those two things. I'm fairly certain I'll fail on 1 and have to start over (que sera) and I'm succeeding on 2 (thus far). If I'm 50% successful (obviously, with different things) all the time, then I'm fairly certain that I'll eventually graduate.

Anyhow, the point of this post really is alleviate the posting pressure* and to give me something to do during 5 minute incubations.

*I have this cycle where I'll not post for a while and then when I think about posting something, I won't think that it's good enough to post after a long silence. So, I won't post it and I'll wait for inspiration to strike. That doesn't happen and the non-posting time gets longer. Lather, rinse, repeat.