I'm holding my brain hostage

This is how I always feel around Christmas. Unfortunately, no one uses twitter.

I'm not a big Christmas person. I might even venture to say that it's one of my least favorite holidays. There's an inordinate amount of pressure surrounding the day. This includes, but is not limited to: presents to buy (which is not a small task with our combine families), cards to send* (and I'm not done with them yet), and lots of travel (which is a pain). I don't mind the actual day, though, so there's something.

Unfortunately, this year I'm not getting much of a break. Between Dr. Man's call schedule and my desire to get data (finally something is working!), I'm only taking a few days off around Christmas and then it's back to the grind. That is if I can keep my brain in check. My brain seems to like wandering around and finding other things to do (Oh! Sparkly Vampires!) that are nowhere near intellectually stimulating. Today I'm working on a strict system of rewards and punishments. If my brain cooperates, I get to blog. If it insists on wandering around, unsupervised, it doesn't get homemade chocolate chip cookies. As you can see, it's working.

*If you'd like a holiday card (as in a Christmas card that will reach you after Christmas), send me an email (see the side bar) with your address and I'll send you one!