I've had a good weekend so far. LawyerFriend is in town and I've taken the opportunity to give myself a mental break from labwork (and the surrounding anxieties). Yesterday morning I was able to spend the morning curled up on the couch (and, yes, it is an ugly couch-- but it was free), snuggling with the Dixie Dog, and drinking coffee. This morning I'm aiming to repeat that and do a little Christmas shopping (with 7 siblings-in-law, 4 parents, 6 grandparents, 1 brother, 2 aunts/uncles, and 1 cousin to shop for it's not a small task).
While I'm sitting here drinking my french-press coffee (a treat for me because of the time involved), Dr. Man is putting ornaments on the Christmas tree. LawyerFriend is trying to convince me to look into the PMF program (and move to HerLocation) in the next year before I graduate. I'll probably head into the lab later and think about starting some cells or maybe doing some of the more time consuming spins, but maybe the key to overcoming the December Slump is taking more time to make myself happy.