Of Awards, Exercise Times, and Scenes from the Home Front


Contemporary Troubadour gave me the Inspiration Award and I'm very flattered. As I don't consider myself very inspiring.
The rules are as follows:

So, I nominate:
Katie at Minor Revisions
Aunt Becky at Mommy Wants Vodka
Julie at Disgruntled Julie
Ambivalent Academic at Ambivalent Academic
Science Girl at Curiosity Killed the Cat
Academic at Journeys of an Academic
EcoGeoFemme at The Happy Scientist

Exercise Times:
When do you all exercise? In the morning? Evening? Lunchtime? I'm trying to fit it in, but I seem to have a problem with all the available times. If I exercised in the Morning, I'd have to get up at 5:30 am and I'm not a morning person. Lunchtime interferes with experiments. Evenings, well, I'm exhausted and it's dark out. Hence, I'm turning to the wisdom of the internets. Plus, if I see how you all overcome the excuses, it'll encourage me to do the same (and it'll refute all my so-called reasons to not exercise).

Scenes from the Home Front:
Dr. Man and I are sitting on the couch last night getting ready to watch a movie (Robots, by the way. It was very cute and I enjoyed it.). I get up to pour a glass of wine. I come back and realize that Dr. Man is gone. He's been sick so I figure he's going to go get tissues or take medicine or something. He comes back and sits on the couch, cupping something close to his face. I'm afraid he's going to be sick until I realize that he's taking deep breaths of something. Suddenly, I realize what he's doing and I ask, "Sweetie are you huffing the Vick's VapoRub?" He cuts his eyes over to me and mutters, "And so what if I am?", and breathes in deep again.

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