Things that I've noticed while being sick the past few days:
  1. I'm finally reading The Watchmen. I'm enjoying it so far. It's only my second foray into the graphic novel genre and I'm not quite sure if it's entirely my thing. I tend to focus a bit too much on the words than the pictures. A perfect example of this is: Dr. Manhattan. I was entirely unaware that he went about naked most of the time, until one of the characters mentioned it. Perhaps it was because they only drew him from the waist up? Nope, it's because the word bubbles (for lack of a better term) are at the top of the panel.

  2. I finished reading Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris. Also, I read the recaps, by Cleolinda, of the first seven episodes of True Blood, a series based on the books. And now I really want to see the series. However, I found a place to watch them over the internet. Hmm... I wonder if I can use the Wii to watch them over the internet on the TV? I'll have to look into that.

  3. Daytime TV still stinks, by the way. I did end up watching a Top Chef Season 2 marathon. Do reality TV people not realize that everyone can see their confessionals on the Confession Cam? I mean, really, every little crappy thing you say about your colleagues to that camera is going to be on National TV. It's not like it's doctor-patient privilege or anything. It's not a confessional in a church. Or maybe they [the producers] dress the camera person up like a priest?

  4. Ok, I'm done with being sick. I can has health now?