This is why they hold my BCP prescription hostage

I'm still fairly freaked out over lump-gate. I've looked up statistics based on my age and family history. All of those things appear to be in my favor. I've quizzed Dr. Man about the work-up these things normally receive (it helps that he's studying this for the USMLE) and it shouldn't be too bad (worst-case initial work-up is a fine-needle biopsy). I like to know things. I like to be prepared. Usually, it helps me to calm down. This time, though, it's not. helping.

However, this has stopped me complaining about the NP holding my anti-baby pills hostage. See, I hate the annual exam stuff. It's uncomfortable and usually ends up with me whacking some poor person in the head with my knee (not intentionally). I've felt that they were kind of unnecessary (until now). I'm in a committed relationship and young (I'm only just approaching my late twenties... see: young!).

So, I thought that those factors should rule-out the necessity for these exams. I thought all those things right up to the point where the Nurse Practioner (poking around in the pectoral area) said, "Hmm.... Did you know that you have a lump there?"

Two more days.