Interview Questions, Part Deux

In my effort to milk this for as many posts as possible to make it through EcoGeoFemme's interview questions, I bring you this question:
How is the biking to work going?

Well, it's going not so great. See a few months ago someone stole the front wheel to my bike. Without a front wheel and my inability to ride a unicycle, my bike riding into work was brought to an abrupt halt. I didn't immediately go out and buy a new front wheel because, well, I bought my bike off of craigslist for $35 and a new wheel cost somewhere around $50. Last week I found one for $5 on craigslist (from a campus police auction). So, I rode in this weekend. 13 miles round trip. Worst. Idea. Ever.

My butt is so sore, it's not even funny (ok, maybe it is). It's not my legs that are the problem, but from where I sat on the saddle. See, the manufacturer provided seat has approximately no padding. That was 13 very bumpy miles on that seat.

Advisor has been asking me to sit down all day. I have yet to tell him why I can't. Somehow I feel that would be over the line.