I'm watching Ghostbusters right now (and enjoying a fine red wine-- ok, maybe not fine... it's Barefoot Bay Cabernet Sauvignon, but I'm a grad student and that's pretty fine as far as my budget goes). Anyhow, Ghostbusters is on AMC and the commercials are depressing (except for the Julia Roberts ones). So far there's been two types of commercials. One is for life insurance (really does one want to think about death when watching movies from ones childhood?). The other is for Extenz-E which appears to be something for male or female (seriously, femaie. I'm not sure what's in those things. I always assumed that the male one just contained some sort of testosterone. I don't know what the female one would contain. Maybe I should just Google it.).. ahem... personal enhancement. So, according to AMC I should be close to death and in need of help in a certain arena. The good part is that I have wine and Dr. Man is finding me entertaining.