Why Birthdays Shouldn't Be So Hyped

I'm back from vacation (I'll post more about it later this week). Just in time for my birthday. This, in itself, is not so bad. I'm ready to be back at work and start the new semester. Plus, we always do a little party (with cake!) for birthdays.* However, this birthday not so great (nothing awful, just not fun). It's just been a series of not-fun things that have happened all day. Such as my primers didn't come in, got a parking ticket, and an Unbloggable. Also...

The Dixie Dog is sick. Yep, we got the dreaded phone call from the Kennel on Friday telling us that she had bloody vomit and diarrhea and could they please take her to the vet? My response, "Yes, please." So, she spent this past weekend at the vet's getting medicine and fluids. The Good News: She's no longer vomiting, she was interested in playing (but not quite up to actually doing so) and was all about our rotisserie chicken last night (she had her bland, canned dog food, though-- she still thinks that was cruel and unusual). The Bad News: She still has diarrhea, albeit non-bloody and non-explosive. I guess that's still sort-of good news, as it's an improvement over Friday. She's still on medicine- an oral antibiotic and some stuff to stop the diarrhea. This means that we're spending the evening in watching the Dixie Dog and generally indulging her in some extra intention. At least I don't have to cook, we're ordering in pizza.

So, all-in-all not that great. But things could always be worse, so I really shouldn't complain. Mostly I'm just glad that Dixie Dog is doing better.

*I did get cake. And that covers a multitude of sins.